OSMOTECH's Reverse Osmosis removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids:

RO involves sorting out water from a solution of dissolved solids by forcing water through a semi- permeable membranes.


The technique is chiefly applied for the removal of organic solutes, such as micro pollutants and multivalent ions

Nano filtration is majorly functional in drinking water refinement process steps,such aswater softening, discoloring and micro pollutant removal


OSMOTECH's Ultra Filtration Membranes typically have pore sizes in the range of 0.01-0.05

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a pressure-driven purification technology in which water and low molecular weight material pass through a membranes


Micro Filtration uses membranes with pore size 0.1-10 µm.

Microfiltration membranes remove all bacteria.

Under license from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

Department of Atomic energy, Mumbai.

Government of India

Flat Sheet Membranes

Osmotech ensures to compete your expectations for quality and performance by the advance technology which enhances the quality and performance of flat sheet membranes material production . We continuous try to improvise and bring innovations at our manufacturing platform as it is the most applicable part in production of premium materials.

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Manufacturer Of Membranes

We are one of the best manufacturing units located at Rajkot-India producing high quality RO, UF, NF Flat Sheet Membranes as well as MF Flat Sheet Membranes for various sectors like Industrial, Municipal, Corporate,Commercial and Home based drinking water solution. We deliver best quality at most lowest cost. To provide the best possible Flat Sheet Membranes materials solution, we cautiously choose the most advanced technology and material for your specific purpose of membranes. We research on materials, and continue to develop invented materials that exhibit exclusive functionality.

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membranes of  manufactures

Our Prestigious Products

For production of Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration, Ultra Filtration and Micro Filtration Flat Sheet Membranes we occupy the fully equipped production unit, advanced machineries, developed technologies and finest raw materials under the supervision of industrial norms and excellence to accomplish the desires of most applicable Flat Sheet Membranes.

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The Layers of the Membranes

The membranes is basically made up of 3 thin layers of Polyamide layer at the top, Polysulfone layer at the middle and finally polyester layer at the bottom. Polyamide layer is 0.2 µm, polysulfone layer is 40 µm and polyester layer is 120 µm.

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